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Joining the Webinars

How Does this Webinar Series Work?

This webinar series will be presented using the Zoom video conference tool. Each presentation is approximately 50 minutes long and will be presented live.  Staff will facilitate live Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions throughout each presentation. 

Each weekly presentation will be recorded and registered participants will receive a link to these recordings.

Live Q&A

Our speakers will give their presentation in (2) 20-minute segments, each followed by a brief 5-minute Q&A session.  We will use the integrated Q&A feature which allows attendees to ask questions during the webinar and for speakers to answer their questions.  You can even upvote another attendee's question ! 

Live Chat

In addition to the live Q&A, an integrated chat feature will allow attendees, the host, co-hosts and speakers to communicate for the duration of the virtual conference.  Use the chat box for group or private discussions with fellow participants or technical questions related to conference connection.

How to Join

This is a virtual event. Attendees will receive instructions and links to participate upon registration.

Make sure you’ve updated to Zoom 5.0 before the event. This version has the latest security updates and is required to connect to our events. 

Connecting Your Audio

There are two ways to join meeting audio, joining via computer or joining via telephone.  Please review the Zoom instructions on testing your computer or device's audio.

How to Test Joining a Zoom Meeting

If you have a slower internet speed, if may be useful to connect to Zoom through your computer for the video and screen views, but then use your landline or cell phone to connect to audio (rather than through your computer).  Zoom can call your phone or you can dial into Zoom for the audio.  Phone numbers are included in confirmation emails to registered participants.

More technology notes