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Series Agenda and Speakers

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June 3, 2020

Practical Risk Management Applications for Commercial Dairies
Dr. Chris Wolf, Cornell University

This presentation will discuss and examine current risk management programs and tools for commercial dairy operations.  Experience and research on the programs are used to determine current practices related to assessing risk management needs and goals as well as evaluating results.

June 10, 2020

Evolutions and Revolutions: A New Normal
Phil Plourd, Blimling and Associates

Upheaval! Even before the COVID-19 crisis took hold, food producers, processors, merchants and marketers were dealing with rapidly changing consumer preferences. Now, some of those forces are accelerating while others are retreating. Phil will share insights about the trends and offer opinions on how players in the dairy supply chain can react.

June 17, 2020

Good times, Bad Times - Lean and Flexibility
Cheryl Jones, University of Kentucky

Lean does not mean working faster, but working smoother, more efficiently.  We need to closely examine the flow of our product from raw materials to the final customer to increase flexibility and eliminate waste.  Increasing our flexibility and eliminating waste are steps toward keeping us competitive in our industry. How does this apply to equipment and to our workforce?  We will discuss how Chick-fil-A’s lean thinking improved their drive through service in comparison to the rest of the fast food industry.

June 24, 2020

2020 Financial Check-Up
Steve Bodart, Compeer Financial

The start of 2020 looked to be a year of recovery and progress for many dairy operations.  When the COVID 19 epidemic hit, many financial projections changed and the plan that was in place was severely altered.  With the change that was out of the dairies control, the focus now is what does the business need to continue to evaluate and monitor in order preserve the health of the business.  This presentation will focus on budgeting, utilizing your financial data and managing the financial side of the business to work through this crisis and look forward to future success within the dairy industry.   

July 1, 2020

Managing Employees in Challenging Times (Because They're Always Challenging Times)
Tom Wall, The Dairy CoachTM   

With economic uncertainty higher than we've ever experienced, surviving these difficult times is a higher priority for most businesses than thriving through them.  But during good times or bad, the basics of business and employee management remain unchanging.  It's time to get serious about what matters most. In this webinar, we'll talk about how these tough times are the perfect opportunity to improve your dairy's culture and team's performance.

July 8, 2020

Adapting Management to Changing Labor Regulations and COVID-19
Moderator: Rich Stup, Cornell Ag Workforce Development
Panelists: Kim Skellie, El-Vi Farms LLC; Mike McMahon, E-Z Acres LLC; and Crystal Grimaldi, Ideal Dairy Farms

State regulations regarding overtime, day-of-rest, and now, COVID-19 affect most dairy farms and the people who work in them. Dairy managers must adapt their policies and procedures to meet requirements, while also communicating and maintaining effective relationships with valuable employees. This panel discussion will explore how three dairy managers are meeting the challenge.