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Day One

Transition Cow Health Management                                                     

This session will focus on physical health of the cow during the transition period.  We’ll discuss how to do an effective physical exams and the appropriate implementation of health interventions.

Transition Cow Facilities

What does the cow need from her environment during transition?  Pen design, bedding, feed access and grouping, and moving strategies will be discussed.

Health Management Practices                                                     

Led by veterinarians this session will provide participants an opportunity for hands on practice assessing  cow health, performing a physical exam, giving shots, IV’s, drenches and other essential health practices.

Facilities assessment and discussion.                                       

This presentation will lead participants through an assessment of transition facilities and management practices on farm.


Day Two                                                                             

Antibiotic Stewardship                                                                    

We will discuss the imperative of adequate antibiotic stewardship focusing on the relationship with a veterinarian and developing protocols for recording keeping, storage, and labeling.  The FARM program will be integrated into this session

Cull Cow Management                                                                               

No one likes to cull a cow. It’s important to have a well thought out protocol for making humane culling decisions.  This session will cover when to ship, when not to. FARM Protocols for id animals, treatments given (ties in with antibiotic steward ship program).  Exit strategy for cow that do not respond to treatment.  Repercussions of sending cows with residues. 

How to Use local vet                                                                        

Veterinarians are key partners for dairy farmers.  Discussion will focus on how your local vet can provide service in health management, training, developing protocols and stewardship.

BCS during transition period                                                         

Managing body condition score is crucial during the transition period.  How to score cows and the implications of scores will be provided.

Antibiotic Stewardship and Cull Cow Practices-on farm.  

Led by veterinarians the farm antibiotic stewardship and cull cow practices will be assessed and discussed by the group.  Factors include protocol development and implementation, storage, labeling and FARM adherence.  Cull cow protocols will emphasize cow health and condition, humane transport and movement, and humane euthanasia decisions.