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Regional Programs

PRO-DAIRY staff partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists to develop and implement programs across the state, efficiently share staff expertise.

Dialing Into Your Best Dairy

A Podcast Series​

Hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists and Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

This podcast is a series about management practices and tips to reaching your herd’s full genetic potential. It features PRO-DAIRY and CCE Dairy Specialists who over the course of 8 episodes will discuss the different life stages of the dairy cow, including episodes focusing on raising calves through the milk phase and weaning; managing weaned heifers up to freshening; making decisions about which replacements to keep including talking about inventory, disease prevention, and culling decisions; feeding and nutrition management during lactation; facilities, time management, and ventilation considerations throughout lactation; and management factors around reproduction, gestation, and the dry period. This series also features interviews with Cornell’s Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, the owners of Selz-Pralle Dairy in Wisconsin, and Paul Fouts, a NY dairy producer.

Access the Podcasts

You can also listen via SoundCloud on the CCE Dairy Educators channel, and check back for future podcast series. For more information, contact PRO-DAIRY’s Kathy Barrett ( or your CCE Regional Dairy Specialist.