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Outreach and industry education are an important action of PRO-DAIRY and several avenues are used.

The Manager

Since 1999 PRO-DAIRY has partnered with DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD. In 2018 PRO-DAIRY will begin a new partnership and publish “The Manager”  in Progressive Dairyman. Through a useful combination of research updates, on-farm practices, economic analysis, how-tos and action steps on every aspect of managing a dairy business, PRO-DAIRY uses “The Manager”  to strengthen New York’s dairy industry and is a key method for PRO-DAIRY staff to share their expertise statewide.

Electronic Communication

PRO-DAIRY delivers timely new through a monthly e-Leader newsletter and periodic e-Alerts.  Subscribers also receive program, webinar and forage management updates.

Conference Proceedings

Presentations and manuscripts from several PRO-DAIRY conferences are available in PDF format and for purchase in hard-copy format.