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Facilities Powerpoint Presentations

Below is a list of Facility PowerPoint presentations that are available for delivery by Curt Gooch Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators may also use them for delivery to their customers. For additional information contact Curt Gooch, or (607)255-2088.

Calf and Heifer Facilities

  • Calf and Heifer Housing
  • Newborn and Transitional Heifer Housing
  • Remodel or Build New Replacement Housing
  • Heifer Housing Decision
  • Heifer Housing Options
  • Transparent Roofed Structures for Newborn Calves - Research Summary
  • Climate Control and Housing Management for Dairy Replacements
  • Environmental Conditions in Plastic Film Covered Calf Facilities

Cow Comfort

  • Trouble Shooting Cow Comfort on Your Farm
  • Heat Stress Relief
  • Freestall Improvement and Maintenance
  • Facility Planning - Freestall Design and Cow Comfort
  • Providing a Cow Comfortable Environment
  • Tie Stall Barn Improvements to Enhance Cow Comfort and Profitability


  • Flooring Considerations for Dairy Cows
  • Considerations in Flooring


  • Photoperiod Manipulation for Dairy Cows
  • Lighting Design Considerations for Employment of Photoperiod Management in Freestall and Tie Stall Dairy Barns
  • Dry Cow Housing for Photoperiod Manipulation - A First Look

Planning/Expansion/Structural Design/Contracting Issues

  • Planning your Facility, Building Your Plan
  • Site Evaluation and Layout
  • Working with Contractors
  • Building Failures
  • Expansion Options
  • Farmstead Planning for Biosecurity

Sand Bedding/Sand Laden Dairy Manure

  • Sand Bedding: From Stall to Storage
  • Sand for Stall Bedding
  • Economics of a Sand-Manure Separation System with Flushed Sand-Laden Dairy Manure
  • Conveyance and Treatment of Sand-Laden Dairy Manure

Ventilation/Environmental Control/Air Emissions

  • Basics of Ventilation
  • Mechanical Ventilation for Tie Stall Barns
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Economics of Tunnel Ventilation for Freestall Barns
  • Tunnel Ventilation for Freestall Barns
  • Modern Milking Center Ventilation
  • Time Integrated Variable (TIV) Environmental Control
  • In-field Quantification of Tunnel Ventilation Fan Performance
  • Odor, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Ammonia Emission Issues and Mitigation Options


  • Housing the Transition Cow