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Hosted by PRO-DAIRY and partners to inspire and inform on key aspects of dairy farm production.

Troubleshooting Herd Health Issues on Your Dairy

Episodes available starting November 30

This podcast series will follow the life cycle of the cow and discuss practical ways to troubleshoot herd health issues.

Corn Silage Harvest Considerations

Presented by Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY and Cornell Cooperative Extension

One can argue that IOFC (income over feed cost) begins when forage is delivered to the feed center-in this case the bunk. This podcast series delves into the practical considerations for corn silage harvest.  We start with a recap of the growing season in the first episode.  In subsequent episodes we focus on the key practices for harvest, storage and preservation.

Dialing Into Your Best Dairy

Hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists and Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

Episodes in this series will discuss management practices and tips to reach your herd’s full genetic potential. In 8 episodes, PRO-DAIRY and CCE Dairy Specialists will discuss the different life stages of the dairy cow, including raising calves through the milk phase and weaning; managing weaned heifers up to freshening; making decisions about which replacements to keep including talking about inventory, disease prevention, and culling decisions; feeding and nutrition management during lactation; facilities, time management, and ventilation considerations throughout lactation; and management factors around reproduction, gestation, and the dry period.

COVID-19 Management Series

Hosted by Rob Lynch, DVM, Dairy Herd Health and Management Specialist and Kathy Barrett, Dairy Management Education, with interviews of key dairy industry professionals.

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