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Transition Cow Management Course

Have you…

…been working with dairy cows and are looking to increase your knowledge of transition cow management?
…had some formal training or course work but want a refresher on transition cow management?
…been working with the farm transition cow program but want to know more about the how, what and why?
…wanted to improve the transition cow performance of your herd but need to know where to start?
…wanted to increase the skills you bring to the farm or your farm employer?
…been wondering where you’ll find the time to attend a course or workshop?

If so, this course is designed for you. You’ll learn the basics of transition cow management then quickly build from there.

Who should attend:

Dairy business on-farm personnel (owner or employee) seeking to increase their knowledge of dairy transition cow management. Participants should possess a formal or informal background in dairy cattle management, but not necessarily in transition cow management.

Topics include:

  • Transition Cow Physiology/Biology
  • Nutritional Strategies for Transition Cows
  • Fresh Cow Health Management
  • Metabolic Disease
  • Non-nutritional Management
  • Monitoring Health

How it works:

This is a seven week course offered online. Presentations for each topic are prerecorded and are accessible whenever is convenient to the participant. A live Q&A session with presenter will be held weekly via webinar. Corresponding assignments are due each week. To get the most out of the experience, you should expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week on the lessons and assignments. The course is offered through Moodle, an easy-to-use online interface that you’ll view through your personal computer’s web browser.

You do not receive Cornell University credit for taking the course. Rather, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Cornell PRO-DAIRY Program.

Course Dates:

Apr 2, 2018 through May 18, 2018

Registration and Fees:

$265.00 per person
Registration opens Feb 1, 2018.
Register before March 19 and receive a $25 early bird discount!

Conference Refund Policy

In the event of participant cancelation, a full refund of the registration fee paid will be given if written notification is given 1 week or more prior to the first day of the course.  Cancellations less than 1 week before the conference starts will not receive a refund (at staff discretion). Please note: Refunds will be returned according to original payment method and process. Substitutions of attendees are permitted but must be approved by the conference coordinator.

Security and Privacy Policy

This site uses technology to safeguard your confidential information. Our policies dictate that we will not share or sell your personal information, nor do we use it for any purpose beyond processing payment or contacting you.


  • Tom Overton, PhD
    Professor, Dairy Management in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University
  • Blake Nguyen, DVM
    Lecturer, Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jessica McArt, DVM, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Lindsay Ferlito, MS
    Cornell Cooperative Extension, Dairy Management Specialist
  • Soon Hon Cheong, DVM, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Rob Lynch, DVM
    Dairy Herd Health & Management Specialist, Cornell PRO-DAIRY Program.
  • Julio Giordano, DVM, MS, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Dairy Cattle Biology and Management in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University.
  • Vinicius Machado, DVM, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University, Department of Veterinary Medicine.