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Case Studies are an important tool to learn about the application of manure management practices that are in place on example farms. A careful review of the case study will provide operating parameters, costs, and lessons learned for a farm considering the technology.

Solid-Liquid Separation, Covered Storage, and Flare

  • Table Rock Case Study (Updated November 2018)
    Table Rock Farm Case Study (April 2018)
    Jennifer Bockhahn, Curt Gooch, and Peter Wright
    Farm Overview:
    • Table Rock Farm Inc. is a 1,050-cow dairy operation, owned and operated by Willard DeGloyer and Meghan Hauser, located in Castile, NY.
    • Installation of the manure management system began in the summer of 2016 and was completed in October of 2017.
  • Manure Management at Fessenden Dairy
    Tim Shelford, Curt Gooch, and Sam Steinberg
    Farm Overview:
    • Separated manure liquids are stored in a 7 million gallon earthen storage (divided into two stages) and spread on the adjacent cropland using dragline application.
    • Currently, 50% of the recovered manure solids are recycled as bedding, with the other 50% composted and sold as a soil amendment.
    • The farm is owned and operated by Tim and Ronda Fessenden, and has been in the family since 1863.
    • Fessenden Dairy is a 650-cow dairy operation located in the village of King Ferry, Cayuga County, NY.