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DAP Process

Plan for long term viability and environmental stewardship

  1. Fill out application online (preferred) or print out and mail in.
  2. A Cornell Cooperative Extension Dairy/Ag Educator will contact you to discuss application and program expectations.  They will also act as facilitator of the project once farm has chosen their planners (business planner, facility planner and CAFO planner if applicable) and project is approved.
  3. Farms and planners will be notified by the project facilitator or DAP project coordinator as their applications are approved.
  4. Planners must be in the Cornell University system as a vendor before a project is initiated.
  5. If awarded business planning funds, participating farm, facilitator and planner schedule first meeting, agree on deliverables and continue to meet as necessary.
  6. Planners deliver completed plan to farm, submit invoice and project delivery form to DAP coordinator for payment (e-mail or mail to PRO-DAIRY, Dairy Acceleration Program) and to participating farm for their 20% of total project cost.
  7. Project facilitator will complete an exit interview with farm to evaluate implementation and assess impact of program.

photo of dairy cows and a processing plant