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DAP Guidelines

Plan for long term viability and environmental stewardship

Program Guidelines

  • Farm Eligibility

    • Farm must be located in NY state.
    • Farm must go through the application process and be approved.
    • Farm must be a dairy cattle farm shipping milk*.
    • Farm must have complete financial records to qualify for business planning funds.
    • Preference is for farms under 300 cows.
    • Must have a current CNMP if applying for funds to design BMP's.
  • Project Eligibility

    • Planning for long term viability
      1. Organization of financial records and preparation of financial records for business planning through benchmarking for farms benchmarking for first time.
      2. Business planning with financial analysis.
      3. Farmstead development planning.
      4. Design of new or remodeled facilities associated with milk production.
      5. Plans for capital improvements for increasing milk per cow.
    • Environmental Planning**
      1. CNMP (Certified Nutrient Management Plan) updates by an AEM Certified Planner for farms with less than 300 mature cows or dairy heifer operations..
      2. New CNMP's by an AEM Certified Planner for farms with less than 300 mature cows.
      3. Design by an engineer of best management practices (BMPs) identified in the farm CNMP,  including the construction inspection and as built certification for that practice. (see FAQ page for a list of eligible BMPs) for farms with less than 700 mature cows or dairy heifer operations...
  • Program Funding

    • The Dairy Acceleration Program funds 80% of the cost of the plans (up to established limits) with 20% of the cost of the plans paid by the participating farmer directly to the provider of the service, including any in excess of awarded funds.  Awarded funds are disbursed through Cornell University upon receipt of invoice and completed project delivery form. The program ends when funds are depleted or no longer available. Projects are expected to move forward in a consistent manner or farms risk forfeiting the award. 
    • Business & Environmental Planning Projects***
      1. Up to $5,000 for business planning or a combination of business planning, facility planning and/or farmstead development planning.
      2. Up to $2,500 for previously awarded farms to continue working with their farm business consultant in a subsequent year to refine and/or implement their business plan.
      3. Up to $1,000 to prepare farm financial records and benchmark farm financial status.
      4. Up to $6,000 for a new CNMP (or existing CNMP more than three years old) plus the first year of service.
      5. Up to $4,500 for a CNMP update plus the first year of service.
      6. Up to $5,000 for the design of a single BMP recommended in the farm CNMP or up to $10,000 for the design of a combination of BMP’s. Funds may be for the design, construction inspection and as built certification (but not the actual construction costs) of the designed practice.
      7. Up to $2,500 for the certification of  an existing manure storage.
      8. Up to $1,000 for a soils investigation and/or topographic survey associated with the design of an eligible BMP.

* Dairy heifer boarding operations may apply for CNMP and design of BMP funds.

** Provided through the Environmental Protection Fund.

*** Program funds should not duplicate funds available from other sources (e.g. EQIP, AgNPS, etc.)