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One of the main functions of the PRO-DAIRY Nutrient/CAFO/ Environmental Management Program is to work with the NY dairy industry to identify and answer pressing, current nutrient and environmental management related questions.

When applied research questions are identified, we operate with the philosophy that replicated studies should be conducted in farmer fields as much as possible to optimize impact and adoption by producers. Additionally, we work to anticipate high impact issues and policy developments, bring them to the attention of the industry as quickly as possible, and help with developing and implementing solutions. Our two main partners are:

The majority of our nutrient and environmental management related work can be found at: Nutrient Management Spear Program.

Together We Can Protect Our Lakes, Divided We All Lose.  The harmful algal bloom (HAB) situation in NYS, in other states, and around the world is a growing problem that is incredibly complex and requires a multi-faceted approach to solve.

For more information, contact:

Karl Czymmek