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Operations Managers Conference Proceedings

Electronic versions (PDF format) of the conference proceedings are available for download from our
eCommons LibrarySoft-cover proceedings are available for purchase online.

2019 Conference Presentations

Employee Onboarding: The First Step to Develop and Retain the Best People - Rich Stup Presentation
Developing a Virtual Dairy Farm Brain - Victor Cabrera Presentation
Pathogen Based Treatment – Prudent Use of Antimicrobials - Rick Watters Presentation
Identifying Bottlenecks in On-Farm Labor Efficiency and Practical Approaches for Improvement - Jason Karszes Presentation
How Does Your Farm Culture Measure Up?Libby Eiholzer Presentation
Building Your Team - Rich Stup Presentation
Identifying Drivers of Profitability on Commercial Dairies - Zoetis Technical Bulletin
Calves & Heifers: The Future of Our Dairies - Kelly Reed Presentation
Dynamic Harvest and Storage for Improved Forage Utilization - Joe Lawrence Presentation
How Much Does the Welfare of the People Affect the Welfare of the Animals? - Robert Hagevoort Presentation