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Operations Managers Conference Proceedings

Electronic versions (PDF format) of the conference proceedings are available for download from our
eCommons LibrarySoft-cover proceedings are available for purchase online.

2017 Conference Papers and Presentations

Use of Automated Monitoring Technologies to Identify Cows with Health Disorders - Julio Giordano Presentation
10 Things to Maximizing Your Feeding Program - David Greene Presentation
Benefits and Costs of Entry Level Precision Agriculture Technologies - Erick Haas Presentation
Putting Your Data to Work - Ben Flansburg Presentation
Updating Our Animal Care Training and Documentation for a Changing Industry - Lisa Ford Paper
Running Effective Team Meetings - Russ Saville Presentation
Useful Tools to Improve Communications - Libby Eiholzer Presentation
Becoming and Being an Employer of Choice - Martha Facer Presentation
Application and Management of Dairy Cattle Heat Stress Relief Systems - Curt Gooch Paper
Precision Ag Research: Optimizing Variable Seeding in NYS - Savanna Crossman Presentation
Getting Good Data from On-Farm Research - Joe Lawrence and Mike Hunter Fact Sheet Paper Presentation
Using Scales to Monitor Calf Programs - Judy Moody Presentation
Precision Dairy Monitoring Opportunities and Challenges - Jeff Bewley Presentation