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CDEP provides professional educational opportunities in leadership and management principles to progressive dairy executives. Toward this goal, the program takes place over one year in three, multi-day sessions, which build upon each other. When accepted to this program, the expectation is that each class participant will complete all three sessions within the same enrollment year.

A typical day includes presentations, individual study, small group discussions, and roundtable discussions with faculty.

Exec 1

  • Personal Change and Leadership
  • Key Business Characteristics of High Profit Farms
  • Financial Analysis and Assessment
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Ratio Relationships
    • Trends
    • Market Value vs. Cost Basis
  • Human Resource Management I
    • Assessing Your Management Style
    • Leadership
    • Employee Engagement
  • Thinking  Like a CEO
  • Effective Negotiations
  • Milk Pricing

Exec 2

  • Family Business Management
    • Family and Business Mission
    • Communication and Relationships
    • Ownership vs. Management
    • Looking Towards Succession
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resource Management II
    • Hiring and Interviewing
    • Performance Reviews
    • Disciplinary Procedures
    • Discharging
  • Financial Management II
    • Tracking Performance
    • CFO Responsibilities
    • Financing Options


Exec 3

  • Financial Management III
    • Investment Analysis
    • Sources of Capital
    • Net Present Value
    • Business Evaluation
    • Discounted Cash Flows
  • Human Resource Management III
    • Managing Managers
    • Managing Multiple Sites
    • Helping Middle Managers Adjust
    • Leadership and Delegation
  • Business Structures and Estate Planning
  • Dairy Industry Direction
  • Managing Risk - Milk Marketing
  • Managing Multiple Sites




Believing that the most important asset on the farm is the management personnel and their skills and experiences, the following companies provide key support for CDEP:

Cargill Animal Nutrition * Dairy Business Communications * Dairy Farmers of America * Dupont Pioneer * Elanco Animal Health * Farm Credit East * Genex Cooperative * Zoetis