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“[CDEP] has helped me organize my workforce to be more efficient and productive.” - Mark Murray, Class XI, New York

“Total farm management, networking, and learning are instrumental in driving my business forward. CDEP helps accomplish that.”
Keith Chapin, Class XI, New York

“[CDEP] is truly helping to provide me with the opportunity to compile information for future success.” - Chad Davis, Class XI, Georgia

“By attending CDEP, I am improving job training and communicating with employees. The program has also given me an update on dairy industry and what the future holds.” - Anonymous, Class X

“Attending the CDEP has positively impacted my business by motivating me to be an all-around better manager.  It has helped me to realize that I need to spend more time not doing hands-on dirty work and to do more CEO-type management to monitor the performance of our business. “ - Seth Atwater, Class IX, New York

“CDEP has provided me with practical tools and ideas that I can take back to the farm and, with some modifications, implement immediately.  We have used concepts learned at CDEP related to everything from employee management to strategic planning.  Many ideas come from the speakers, but just as many ideas come from the other participants in the class.” - Josh Littlejohn, Class IX, Kansas

“Attending CDEP has affected me and my business greatly.  It has taught me a lot about myself and how I look the agricultural industry. It has made me cautious in areas I was confident and confident in areas I was cautious. It has made me rethink our business strategies in many areas.” - Brian Robbins, Class IX, New York

“I have gained knowledge from every single session. They force you to think and give you tools to assist in improving profitability on your farm.”  - Kerry Adams, Class VIII, New York

“CDEP is an excellent opportunity to get exposed to first class speakers in our industry as well as network with other farms that face the same challenges that we face. I will definitely put this information to work on our dairy.” - John Gates, Class VIII, New York

“Because of CDEP, I have a better understanding of the actual financial strength of my business and can better plan our future expansions.”  - Matt Johnson, Class VIII, Georgia

"The growth of our business is essential for our future. The management and strategy techniques discussed provide effective tools to help our businesses grow. The networking at provides additional support and techniques that will be helpful with our futures." - Mike Hosterman, Program Class VI, Pennsylvania

"This program is like a lighthouse on a stormy sea, helping today’s dairymen find their way amongst a myriad of problems, confusing signals, and emotional conflicts. The contact with similarly afflicted dairymen is worth the price alone. The information and advice gained is a welcome bonus." - Rodney Daniels, Program Class V, Michigan

"The Dairy Executive Program provided tools and information to guide producers and industry that service them towards future planning and success that will keep our business solvent in this global market. I would not trade this experience for anything." - Dan Finnerty, Program Class V, New York

“Education is a key to the success of agricultural business in today’s markets. The Exec program offers education on key topics that are critical to the success of our business in today and tomorrow’s markets.” - Lance Rovers, Program Class IV, New York

"This program broadened my horizons with the learning and networking with others. The program also delves deep into subjects that we all deal with daily and focuses on the future."- Dan Chambers, Program Class III, New York

Believing that the most important asset on the farm is the management personnel and their skills and experiences, the following companies provide key support for CDEP:

Ag Choice Farm Credit * Cargill Animal Nutrition * Dairy Farmers of America * Dupont Pioneer * Farm Credit East * Zoetis


Additional support is provided by media partners:

California Dairy Magazine

DAIRYBUSINESSTM - The Future of Dairy

Progressive Dairyman