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Conferences and Seminars

Regularly Scheduled Events

  • Cornell Dairy Executive Program — Begins December 2019
    The Cornell Dairy Executive Program (CDEP) is designed to provide dairy executives and agriservice personnel the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the leadership and management skills necessary to run a successful dairy. 
  • Anaerobic Digestion Shortcourse - (January 15 - 16, 2020) This two full day short course provides participants with clarity about the underpinning operative microbiological populations and interactions that result in the desired product:  Biomethane.  Starting with the basics of anaerobic digestion microbiology, the course moves on to cover challenges and opportunities associated with maximizing microbiological degradation of varied sources of organic matter.  Participants will learn not only what needs monitoring, but why.  Important system design considerations that affect microbiological performance are included.
  • Northeast Dairy Management Conference — March 11 - 12, 2020
    The Northeast Dairy Producers Conference is designed for producers and agriservice professionals to interact and relate to the latest thinking and issues in the dairy industry. Presented in collaboration with the Northeast Dairy Producers Association.
  • Herd Health & Nutrition Conference — April 6 - 7, 2020
    The Herd Health and Nutrition Conference provides an opportunity for dairy producers, veterinarians, feed industry representatives and agriservice personnel to increase their knowledge of current herd health and nutrition management techniques while interacting with other professionals. Presented in collaboration with Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance
  • Dairy Profit Seminars at Empire Farm Days - Summer 2020
    The Empire Farm Days Dairy Profit Seminars are held each year for dairy producers, dairy farm staff and agribusiness professionals to provide money-saving, latest trend, and practical strategies to the industry. PRO-DAIRY partners with and Northeast Dairy Producers Association to host the annual presentations.
  • Academy for Dairy Executives — TBD
    The Academy for Dairy Executives Program (Academy) is an educational opportunity for progressive dairy executives. The program is designed to provide dairy executives and agri-service personnel the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the leadership and management skills necessary to run a successful dairy in these volatile times.
  • NYS Junior DAIRY LEADER Program — Applications accepted annually in June
    This one-year program explores careers in the dairy industry along with hands-on experiential learning for a select group of youth ranging from 16-19 years old. The program presents youth with a realistic view and experience for the dairy industry as a viable, profitable and progressive business sector young people can look to for career opportunities while also building personal and professional skills.
  • Operations Managers Conference — January 2021
    The Operations Management Conference for Dairy and Field Crops provides an opportunity for people responsible for day to day activities to increase their management and operations skills while interacting with other managers. Presented in collaboration with Northeast Dairy Producers Association

Past Conferences

  • Succession Planning Kickoff Seminar for Farm Businesses - December 14, 2018
    The 2nd annual conference will focus on addressing the challenges surrounding succession planning for farm businesses, including tax, legal and estate implications, family communication, and financial issues. Speakers will include Steve Walker, Esq., Erica Leubner, MSW, of NY FarmNet, and John Lehr of Farm Credit East. In addition, a diverse panel of producers will share their experiences around business transition. Following the program, producers will be able to sign up for a three part follow up workshop series, which will focus on helping the farm prepare to move forward with their transition planning process. 
  • Winter Forage Meetings - The focus of this seminar was to elevate the growing and feeding of forages beyond the parameters of tonnage, quality, and the basic high forage ration. Newly developed fiber digestibility tests can give you and your management team confidence in feeding newly developed forages that have potential to increase milk production, while reducing ration costs, increasing total forage yield and digestibility, and improving nutrient management on the farm.
  • Got Manure? Tradeshow and Conference —The Cornell PRO-DAIRY Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - AgSTAR, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service co-hosted this national conference in 2012. PRO-DAIRY organized a tradeshow in conjunction with this conference where participants learned about anaerobic digestion and other viable manure handling, treatment and management systems.
  • Group Housed Dairy Calf Systems Symposium —This innovative conference is designed to provide progressive dairy producers and agriservice personnel the opportunity to increase their knowledge of dairy calf group housing systems and feeding technologies.  Future symposiums related to calf and heifer management are organized by the NWNY Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Team.
  • Dairy Environmental Systems & Climate Adaptation Conference and Tours — ( July 29 - 31, 2015) This 3-day regional conference and trade show held in 2015 featured sessions to learn about emerging dairy housing and manure management systems in conjunction with regional climate trends and adaptation strategies for the Northeast and upper mid-west U.S. Multiple tour options showcasing on-farm integrated waste handling/treatment systems and on-farm climate adaptation strategies complimented educational sessions. The synergistic nature of these two topic areas aimed to expose creative solutions to the most pressing of today's dairy environmental challenges. Electronic proceedings are available.

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