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Managing for Success

Improving management skills and practices on New York State dairy farms. Features include: challenges of managing a family business, importance of a business vision, setting long- and short-term goals, principles of continuous improvement, 3 C's of positive human interactions - change, conflict and communication; strategy-driven priority setting and managing time; and leadership - how much, how often, and when.

Family Owned Farms — Pat Frishkoff

Family farm E-clips to go with Pat Frishkoff presentation (video clips)
Please note: If you would like to use these clips in your presentation you will need to have an Internet connection or download the clips to your computer.

Welcome, Introductions, Opening Exercise — John Conway

Setting the Strategy I - Compelling Vision — John Conway

Setting the Strategy II - Goals — John Conway

The 3 C's of Positive Human Interaction — Ruth Maltz and Molly Ames

Improve I - III, Problem Diagnosis - Decision Making — John Conway

Improve IV: Implement - Tactical/Control Plans — John Conway

Finding Time to Implement Plans - Making Time Work for You! — Lori Shipman

Leadership in Farm Business — Steve Hadcock

Workshop Accessories