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Harvest Strategies and Forage Quality Monitoring for Corn Silage

Sep 11, 2018
As part of the Corn Silage Hybrid Evaluation program, we have focused significant attention over the last two growing seasons on the interactions between growing environment and corn silage forage quality. While this work is still developing, it does build on earlier knowledge of the impact of growing conditions on plant development, and provides some insight into managing the corn silage crop for forage quality.

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Agriservice Awards Presented at the Great NYS Fair

Aug 30, 2018

NYS Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball and Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY Specialists presented the PRO-DAIRY Agriservice Awards to George Mueller, Willow Bend Farm, Clifton Springs; Gerald R. Bertoldo, DVM, Batavia; and Peggy Murray, Copenhagen during the Dairy Day Recognition and Awards breakfast on August 30 at the NYS Fair. These awards are given in appreciation and recognition of outstanding contributions to NYS agriculture through support of PRO-DAIRY.
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Keeping Cows Cool

Jul 11, 2018
PRO-DAIRY's Curt Gooch provides resources on direct evaporative cooling (sprinklers) at the feed bunk, holding areas and return alleys to mitigate heat stress. Read more

MPP-Dairy – If You Are Not Signed Up – Should You Reconsider?

May 25, 2018
While spring field activities are well underway, a key deadline is approaching quickly – June 1 to participate in the MPP-Dairy program. In February 2018 Congress approved modifications to the MPP program, which potentially changed the value of the program for small to midsize dairy producers. Read more

NYS Supreme Court Ruling Finds Problems with the NYS Clean Water Act Permit

Apr 26, 2018
Environmental groups sued NYS DEC claiming that aspects of the Clean Water Act Permit (GP-0-16-002) do not meet Clean Water Act requirements. The ECL Permit was not challenged. The full implications of the April 24 NYS Supreme Court Decision are not yet known, but the Court found that the permit process should allow for more public engagement to meet the public participation requirements of the Clean Water Act. More information will be shared as it becomes available. Read more

Manure and Road Reminder

Apr 12, 2018
With warmer weather finally in the forecast, farms are poised to move a lot of manure in the coming weeks. Before transferring manure to fields, check soil conditions, tile outlets and weather forecast to see if prohibited or high risk conditions are present or if heavy or persistent rain is in the forecast. During wet weather, the CAFO Permit indicates that the Revised Winter and Wet Weather Guidelines should be followed. Read more