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Changes to the Margin Protection Program

Feb 16, 2018
Based upon predictions of milk prices in the coming months, the next period of time looks to be even more challenging for our dairy farms than it has been. Dr. Andy Novakovic from Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management authored a short paper focused on the recent changes to the Margin Protection Program incorporated into the passage of the federal budget bill. Read more

Herd Manager Training in March

Feb 6, 2018
The Herd Manager Training is an educational program for dairy farmers, dairy farm employees and agri-service people who work directly with dairy cows.  The program is designed to increase participant’s knowledge of best management practices for dairy cattle management. Read more

Transition Cow Management Online Course Offered

Feb 2, 2018
Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY is offering a seven-week Transition Cow Management online course April 2 through May 18, 2018. Topics include: nutritional strategies for transition cows, fresh cow health management, metabolic disease, non-nutritional management and monitoring health. Read more

Manure Spreading

Jan 10, 2018
NYSDEC is warning farmers to be aware of the current and rapidly changing weather conditions. We are entering a very risky time for manure applications. Read more

Snow and Cold Resources

Jan 4, 2018
U.S. Department of Labor urges employees and employers engaged in snow removal and cleanup and other cold weather activities to be aware of potential hazards. Read more

Waste Tire Usage on Farms

Dec 22, 2017
In September, the Department of Environmental Conservation released the final regulations for Part 360 (Solid Waste Management), including limits on storage of waste tires while allowing for “beneficial use” of tires to hold down covers with certain restrictions for on-farm uses. NYFB provided comments to DEC prior to the completion of the regulator changes and they organized a group that includes farmers, advisors, PRO-DAIRY and NEDPA, to work further with DEC. Read more