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Removal of Heavy Snow Loads from Barn Roofs

Mar 15, 2017
The recent accumulation of snow in many areas throughout New York State has caused some agricultural buildings to fail. Failure can be the result of several items linked to the snow load present on the building. Removal of significant snow accumulations off of a barn roof is best performed in a systematic way to reduce the risk of injury or death to both barn occupants and those working on the roof. Removing roof snow without a proper approach may actually cause more damage than if left alone in some cases by creating an unbalanced and/or concentrated roof load. Read more

Record Attendance at Operations Managers Conference

Feb 15, 2017
The Operation Managers Conference Precision Management: Merging People, Cows, Crops and Technology held January 24 and 25 in Syracuse drew a record attendance. The conference is presented in partnership with Northeast Dairy Producers Association (NEDPA). Read more

Water Use Reporting Calculator

Feb 14, 2017
Water use reporting is required for New York State dairy farms that use large quantities of water. PRO-DAIRY has updated its Dairy Water Use “Calculator” that can be used with the NYSDEC Reporting Forms. This year’s reporting deadline is March 31, 2017. Read more

Register Now for CAFO Roadshow

Nov 10, 2016
New York Farm Bureau and the Northeast Dairy Producers Association will host a CAFO Roadshow in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Agriculture and Markets and Cornell PRO-DAIRY. This series of four seminars across the state will highlight the changes in the recently released CAFO permits and help producers understand how to prepare for compliance and decide which permit is right for their farm. All CAFO farms must be covered by the new permit by July 24, 2017. Read more

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) changes go into effect this January. Are you prepared?

Oct 13, 2016
Most in the dairy industry are aware of recent guidance coming from the FDA as part of the agency’s policies on judicious use of medically important antimicrobial drugs. As the final phase of implementation approaches, now is a good time to remind everyone what has changed regarding feed-use and water-use antibiotic products which were, up until now, purchased over the counter (OTC). Read more

Field Crops Program Survey

Sep 27, 2016
As the Field Crops Extension Program faces many changes we are seeking stakeholder input on setting priorities for the future of our programs. We encourage you to take the time to provide your thoughts and help us shape future programming. Read more

When can OSHA investigate death or serious injury of a farm owner?

Sep 6, 2016
Owners and employees in family farm businesses often have close relationships, so when unexpected tragedy strikes, beyond a serious injury or precious loss of a life, it is often that much more difficult because a friend or family member is involved. Recent farm tragedies in NYS have raised the question of when may OSHA investigate an owner-related death or serious injury? Read more