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The Manager - Business Reinvestment

October 2015

Re-investing in the business and its future is a process. - The October 2015 issue of The Manager in DairyBusiness East focuses on business planning.
By Jason Karszes and Julie Berry

Planning for your future - Developing a business plan, asking the hard questions now, before implementing the plan, will help navigate the road to a successful future.
By Caroline Potter

Three big workforce investments that can have a big payoff. - Focus on hiring, training and feedback for workforce success.
By Thomas Maloney

Preparing for capital investments. - Choose investments that contribute to long-term profitability.
By Jennifer Ifft

Using a dairy advisory team to find the best re-investment option. - Advisory teams help make better decisions and can save time and money.
By Lisa Holden

It's the people we develop who matter. - Invest in employee development for grow future managers.
By Betsey Howland

Business leadership and management development - A continual educational approach. - Develop leadership and management skills for business success.
By Jason Karszes, Debbie Grusenmeyer and Julie Berry

Programs to develop future dairy leaders and feed the dairy career pipeline. - Dairy-focused education programs build interest in ag careers.
By Debbie Grusenmeyer and Julie Berry