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The Manager - Dairy Research

November 2014

Research Horizons – This month's The Manager from PRO-DAIRY focuses on dairy research.
By Julie Berry

Strategies to improve energy metabolism in fresh cows -- Study examines feeding strategies to increase fresh cow liver glucose output.
By Maris McCarthy, Gerald Mechor and Thomas Overton

Calcium and fresh cows -- Detecting cows with subclinical hypocalcemia will be important to avoid long-term issues, including milk production losses and decreased reproductive performance.
By Brittany Sweeney, Elizabeth Martens, and Thomas Overton

Maximize insemination of cows in heat  -- Maximizing insemination of lactating dairy cows in heat based on activity for second and subsequent AI services.
By Julio Giordano

Financial impact of hyperketonemia -- Almost 70 % of the cost of losses from hyperketonemia, including future reproductive losses, future milk losses, and future culling losses, are overlooked.
By Jessica A. A. McArt and Daryl V. Nydam

Reproduction and technology field studies  -- Current research to improve dairy cattle performance and profitability through reproductive management strategies and adoption of new technologies.
By Julio Giordano

Dry cow feed strategies to control ketosis and colostrum quality -- Feed a controlled energy diet during the dry period to prevent negative energy balance and disease, and improve colostrum quality, without impacting milk yield.
By Sabine Mann, Daryl Nydam and Thomas Overton

Using 24 versus 48 hour aerobic culture results for mastitis treatment --Agreement between 24 and 48 hour aerobic culture results when diagnosing mastitis pathogens.
By Paula Ospina, Francis Welcome, and Daryl Nydam

Dairy cows, gases and climate change -- Evaluating strategies that are practical, productive and profitable to reduce emissions.
By Larry Chase

Sporeforming bacteria and milk quality -- Sporeforming bacteria, their implications on processed dairy products, and strategies to prevent their entry into raw milk.
By Nicole H Martin

Use of FTIR spectra of milk for feeding and health management  -- In the future, individual FTIR spectra cow testing may provide real-time farm management data.
By David M. Barbano, Caterina Melilli, and Thomas Overton

Feed management of dry cows and ketosis -- Field study suggests opportunity for improved feeding management of dry cows and ketosis management on farms.
By Allison Lawton, Buzz Burhans, Daryl Nydam, and Thomas Overton