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The Manager - Issues and Perspectives

November 2013

Opportunities and Challenges for the Northeast Dairy Industry - This month's The Manager from PRO-DAIRY focuses on big picture issues for the dairy industry
By: Dr. Tom Overton

Confidence in the Farm Milk Supply in the Northeast - Growth and Opportunity is Here
By: Bruce W. Krupke

Manufacturing Boom Will Tighten Local Milk Markets - Opportunities in Northeast Signal Positive Outlook
By: Edward Gallagher

Variations in Milk Prices Across New York State - PRO-DAIRY and the Center for Dairy Profitability at the University of Wisconsin analyzed dairy farm milk checks from across New York State
By: Mark Stephenson & Jason Karszes

The Dairy Acceleration Program Launched - DAP facilitates strategic and environmentally responsible farm growth
By: Caroline Potter

Combine Business and Environmental Planning for Responsible Farm Growth - The NYS Governor's office announced the Dairy Acceleration Program designed to enhance profitability of New York dairy farms and to maintain a commitment to environmentally responsible growth.
By: Julie Berry

Success for the NYS Fair's Birthing Center - 30 calves born and 1,000's of questions answered during the first year of the dairy cow birthing center at the NYS Fair.
By: Jessica Ziehm

Telling a Farm's Story - Use of Newsletter Templates for Neighbor Outreach
By: Julie Berry

Cayuga Marketing Seeks to Gain Share in Global Dairy Market - Cayuga Milk Ingredients, LLC will market milk ingredients
By: Joel M. Herrling