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The Manager - Dairy Research

November 2012

Research Drives the Industry — This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY brings you the latest dairy research.
By: Julie Berry

Lighting for Increased Milk Production — Evaluation of cost benefits and effective light of LED and T8 fluorescent lighting.
By: Jackson Wright

Stress and Inflammation Around Calving — Can Compromise Milk Yield and Reproductive Performance Study examines biomarker alarm levels that identify high-risk cattle.
By: Julie Huzzey and Tom Overton

Role of coagulase-negative staphylococci in Bovine Udder Health — An update on the principal cause of subclinical mastitis on farms with controlled contagious mastitis.
By: Quality Milk Production Services

Feed Lower-Starch Diets to Fresh Cows? — A Miner Institute study demonstrates that lower-starch (23%) diets can support lactational performance following a high-fiber, controlled-energy dry diet.
By: Heather Dann, Kurt Cotanch and Rick Grant

The Impact of Subclinical Ketosis in Large — Does testing and treating cows with propylene glycol pay?
By: Paula Ospina, Jessica McArt, Tom Overton and Daryl Nydam

Expensive Corn and Short Forage Supply? — Here’s some research to help.
By: Heather Dann, Kurt Contanch and Rick Grant

Management Tool for Change — Use Dairy Profit Monitor to track milk production, herd health, milk check analysis, efficiency parameters and financial management.
By: Betsey Howland