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The Manager - Dairy Modernization

May 2014

Technology and modernization -- This month's The Manager from PRO-DAIRY focuses on dairy modernization.
By Julie Berry

Robotic milking barn design -- Key items to consider when building or retrofitting a RMS barn.
By Sam Steinberg

Data management on farms with robotic milkers -- Roundtable discussion with Blesy Farm, LLC and Tayl-Wind Farm, LLC.
By Kathy Barrett

Automated feed pushers -- Feed pushers and robots for barn cleaning are available in addition to robotic milkers.
By Kathy Barrett and Beth Dahl

Precision feeding on a Western NY dairy -- Lawnel Farms uses precision feeding to increase efficiency and milk production.
By Beth Dahl

Using activity monitors for heat detection -- Activity and rumination monitors can lead to better cow health and farm profitability.
By Kathy Barrett

Weaver Dairy's well thought-out modernization -- The Weaver's new facility includes a robotic milking system, LED lighting, GEA single beam stalls, manure tubes and grooved rubber matting in alleys.
By Kathy Barrett

Decision making tools -- Use dairy profit discussion groups and dairy profit teams when considering dairy modernization projects.
By Kathy Barrett

Respiratory protection during potential hydrogen sulfide gas exposure -- Never attempt a rescue in an area that may contain hydrogen sulfide without using appropriate respiratory protection and without being trained to perform such a rescue.
By Curt Gooch, Karl Czymmek and Nellie Brown

Using mobile apps -- Top 5 dairy management tools on your smartphone.
By Dino Giacomazzi