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The Manager - Top Managers

May 2012

Learn from the Best — This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY brings you tips from consultants who work with top dairies.
By Julie Berry

The Five Habits of Top Producers — Optimize key performance factors of reproduction, transition cow health, heifer health and growth, hoof health and cow comfort, and forage quality and feed management.
By Bob Kozlowski

What Do Top Managers Do? — Top consultants reflect on their highly successful
By Bruce Dehm

Profile of a Top Producer — At Fairmont Farm ‘Drivers’ create focus and hitch to results
By Chris Rossiter

What the Top Dairies do for Success in the Long Haul — Effective strategies to plan for management succession
By Jennifer Voss

How top dairy producers deal with crop production and environmental regulations — Master the basics, keep detailed records, use a management team to make decisions, improve land with subsurface drainage, adopt technology advance, and accept regulation as a cost of business.
By Mike Contessa and Eric Beaver

Use of Precision Agronomic Technologies on Top Farms — Break fields into management zones, adopt variable rate fertilization practices, use in-tractor GPS to increase field operation efficiency, and use in-cab display to improve record-keeping.
By Dave Russell

How Top Dairies Handle Environmental Regulation — Identify and implement achievable practices, create positive first impressions, identify and capitalize on cost advantages, follow advice of consultants and accept regulation
By Brad Schwab

Are You Ready for the Cameras? — Lessons learned from undercover videos taken on NY dairy farms by animal right activists
By Julie Berry