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The Manager - Generation Next

May 2011

Keep 'em down on the farm — Agriculture's future depends on its ability to attract young people to a wealth of careers.
By Eleanor Jacobs

Hire values; teach skills — These owners have a plan in place to recruit, train and retain young people as employees on their dairies.
By Kathy Barrett

Programs build future dairy leaders — Developing the next generation of dairy industry employees, managers and owners can begin with dairy youth programs.
By Deborah Grusenmeyer

Career roundtable — Four young people talk about their careers, learning to be managers and their future plans.
By Deborah Grusenmeyer, Jason Karszes, Frans Vokey, & Eleanor Jacobs

You get back what you give — Q & A with Chad Wall, a first year veterinary student at Cornell University's veterinary college, on how to get the most out of your education.
By Deborah Grusenmeyer

Careers close to dairy — These young people's career choices keep them connected to dairying. And they couldn't be happier.
By Kim Skellie & Deborah Grusenmeyer

They found their management niche — These two young men, working with family, have assume responsibility for traing their dairy businesses financial performance…and more.
By Kim Skellie

Telling dairy's story in the Facebook age — If you can run a milking parlor or a corn planter, you can manage the technology of social media.
By Beth Meyer