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The Manager - Profit Seminars

July 2015

A sneak peak at Empire Farm Days Dairy Profit Seminars. - The July 2015 issue of The Manager in DairyBusiness East focuses on Empire Farm Days Dairy Profit Seminars.
By Julie Berry

Milking time evaluations are more than just numbers. - Monitoring the milking center needs to be multi-dimensional.
By Rick Watters and Paul Virkler

Empire State Milk Quality Council's 25 year Super Milk winner roundtable. - Three 25 year Super Milk winners share their winning strategies.
By Betsy Hicks

The economics of milk quality. - Improve Somatic Cell Count to improve a farm's bottom line.
By Jessica C. Scillieri Smith

Income over feed cost, the "ultimate profit driver!" -  IOFC helps drive fact-based decisions on the farm.
By Russ Saville, Kurt Ruppel and Sue Greth

Dairy Accleration Program helps farm sustain future. - Conway Dairy Farms LLC expands farm and transfers management.
By Julie Berry

Understanding net milk income over feed costs and its impact on profitability. - NMIOFC per cow can track feeding program performance over time.
By Betsey Howland and Jason Karszes

Thinking about building a barn? - General considerations for planning and designing a new dairy facility.
By Sam Steinberg