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The Manager - Crops and Manure

February 2014

Preparing for Spring Planting — This month's The Manager from PRO-DAIRY focuses on crops and manure.
By Julie Berry

Gypsum use in dairy barns: what's the big deal? — Farmers, family members, workers and visitors are urged to avoid any and all exposure to manure gases, especially from manure storage pits or bedded pack barns when gypsum is mixed with manure in any significant quantities.
By Tom Eskildsen, Nancy Glazier, Curt Gooch and Karl Czymmek

2013: corn and nitrogen — My 2013 corn silage crop was yellow. What happened to the nitrogen?
By Quirine Ketterings and Karl Czymmek

What is your corn silage processing score? — Evaluate corn silage processing to increase starch utilization by the cow and to increase milk production.
By Larry Chase

Corn lodging happens in corn silage too! — Plant corn at a low seeing rate, plant hybrids early, plant at a 1.5 to 2.25 inch depth, and harvest at moisture of 68% to avoid lodging.
By Bill Cox

Quality estimation for harvests in mixed alfalfa-grass stands — NDF is the most useful mixed stand harvest date target for haylage production to feed dairy cows. Stand NDF can be estimated using alfalfa maximum height and an estimate of the grass fraction in the stand.
By KC McRoberts and DJR Cherney

Growing triticale silage in the Northeast - Despite some challenges, farmers have rapidly embraced this high-yielding, high-quality forage.
By Bill Verbeten

Fungicides on forage? — By Bill Verbeten

The ABCs of GEOs — Genetic engineering is a tool for crop improvement.
By Margaret Smith