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The Manager - Forage Management

February 2012

Managing through forage variability — This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY brings together strategies to manage for forage yield and variability
By Julie Berry

Feeding strategies for 2012 — A checklist of forage and nutrition program strategies to optimize forage use and profitability in 2012
By Tom Overton and Larry Chase

Identifying and dealing with molds and mycotoxins in feeds — Identifying, understanding the impact of, and using strategies to lower the impact of molds and mycotoxins in the dairy herd
By Larry Chase and Tom Overton

Reduce drought stress during the corn silking period — Spread hybrid maturity length during the tasseling/silking period in corn may limit yield losses from drought stress
By Bill Cox

Forage Shortage and What to Do About It — The forage production shortage of 2011 will be felt for years. There are a number of steps to help soften the blow.
By Tom Kilcer

Forage Supply Management is Becoming Dicey — Management strategies for forage shortage
By John Conway

Farm-level tools refine nitrogen management — Using the CSNT and ISNT to take some of the guesswork out of N fertilization decisions
By Quirine Ketterings and Karl Czymmek

Managing Soils for Better Crops — Add organic matter and keep organic matter in the soil for sound soil management and better crop yields
By Karl Czymmek and Quirine Ketterings

Early Maturing Corn Silage Hybrids — When to expect early-maturing corn silage hybrids to be ready for harvest
By Bill Cox