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The Manager - Cropping Strategies

February 2011

Good Growing — PRO-DAIRY brings you a plethora of great ideas to help you grow crops better.
By Karl Czymmek

Plant a range of hybrid maturities — Research explores how hybrid relative maturity affects corn silage yields and moisture levels in western New York.
By Bill Cox & Phil Atkins

Soil may supply adequate K — On-farm research network addresses potassium needs in alfalfa.
By Karl Czymmek, Quirine Ketterings & Jerry Cherney

Winter triticale — a cropping opportunity — Winter triticale, harvested as forage, can be combined with short-season energy crops to increase overall forage yields.
By Tom Kilcer

What's the future for grass biomass? — Grass biomass has potential as an althernative crop on Northeast dairy farms.
By Jerry Cherney

Rethink added sulfur for alfalfa — In the past thesulfur for crop growth was supplemented by power plant emissions and phosphorus fertilizers containing sulfur. These sulfur sources are disappearing.
By Quirine Ketterings, Karl Czymmek & Jerry Cherney

Manure injection grows corn silage yields — Manure injection requires more horsepower and fuel, but a higher corn silage yield response may more than pay for the extra input costs. More research will tell.
By Quirine Ketterings & Karl Czymmek

New hybrids require higher seeding rates — Research looks at whether hybrids with new traits should be planted at the same seeding rates as older hybrids.
By Bill Cox, Jerry Cherney & Phil Atkins

Corn silage changes after ensiling — Alterations in that pile, bunk, bag or silo of silage can affect herd performance. Know what you're feeding.
By Tom Overton