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The Manager - Forage Management

February 2013

Managing forages and nutrients go hand in hand
By: Julie Berry

Corn emergence and yield when planting in April two days before a snow storm. 2013 recommendations are to plant any time after April 15 to 20, provided your location does not experience late spring killing frosts.
By: Bill Cox and Phil Atkins

Cover crops on northern New York farms. Mapleview Dairy in Madrid, NY and Mcknight's River Breeze Farm in Waddington, NY use cover crops as highly digestible forage for cows and to prevent erosion
By: Julie Berry

Double cropping winter cereals yields triple bottom line. Winter small grains are easy to grow and when harvested for forage in spring (1) make excellent feed and can provide a significant boost to forage inventories.  Growing these crops also (2) conserves soil and nutrients and (3) improves soil quality by providing living roots that support soil life through the winter and by leaving stubble and root residue as sources of fresh organic matter and carbon. 
By: Quirine Ketterings, Tom Kilcer, Shona Ort, Karl Czymmek

Double-crop triticale a hit at Van Slyke's Dairy. Van Slyke's Dairy Farm started experimenting with cover crops to meet the environmental requirements of their nutrient management plan but also explored more manageable crop rotations.
By: Lisa Fields

Corn as a luxury consumer of N?  Really? Much of the extra N applied to achieve excessive levels of nitrate in the stalk, if not taken up by the crop, is subject to loss to the environment.
By: Quirine Ketterings and Karl Czymmek

Corn silage and nitrates in drought conditions: 2012 post mortem analysis. Impacts of drought conditions.
By: Larry Chase, Quirine Ketterings and Karl Czymmek

Alfalfa Fall Harvest Guidelines. A sufficient rest interval between the last two cuts allows for the last cut to be taken during the critical rest period
 By: J.H. Cherney and D.J.R. Cherney

Whole farm nutrient use at Spruce Haven Dairy. Resource and environmental management continues at Spruce Haven with the anticipated use of a spray broom prototype for in-season application of manure nutrients in 2013.
By: Lisa Fields

Grow NYS Dairy. Working with the NY dairy industry from farm to processor.
By: Tom Overton

Managing Farm Nutrient Efficiencies at EZ Acres. Participating in Cornell's Whole Farm Nutrient Management program improved herd health and increased profitability.
By: Lisa Fields