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The Manager - Farm Safety

August 2014

Farm Safety – A renewed focus -- This month's The Manager from PRO-DAIRY focuses on farm safety and preparing for OSHA's Local Emphasis Program inspections.
By Jason Karszes and Julie Berry

OSHA's Local Emphasis Program (LEP) for New York dairy farms -- Provide safety protection and training to family members and employees.
By Karl Czymmek and Curt Gooch

How to be ready for a Local Emphasis Program (LEP) inspection -- Voluntary consultations are available that help prepare for an OSHA LEP inspection.
By Ronald Williams

New York Department of Labor Onsite Consultation Program -- The New York State Department of Labor's Onsite Consultation Program will come to your farm to assist in identifying and correcting hazards.
By Eileen Franko

Safety program implementation -- Many farms do not need costly alterations to become safety compliant, but do need to update or create written safety plans and worker trainings.
By Marybeth Vargha

Safety standards at McLanahan Corporations -- Documentation, training and understanding are key. Train employees so they understand what is expected of them, provide them the ability to ask questions and document that the training was completed.
By Julie Berry

Work safely around manure gases -- What every person who works around manure should know. This is a matter of life or death.
By Nellie Brown

Bunker silo safety -- Bunker silo safety measures must be in place to be safety compliant.
By Karl Czymmek and Curt Gooch

A Wisconsin producer's approach to farm safety and OSHA compliance -- Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC in Watertown, Wisconsin implemented an enhanced safety program that meets OSHA standards.
By Daphne Holterman and Jason Karsze