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The Manager - Industry Growth

August 2012

Growing the Industry — This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY brings you the latest info on a range of?
By Julie Berry

Water Water Everywhere but do you have enough to grow? — Water may be the next concern for dairy farms and some states begin to require water use and reporting.
By Lee Telega

Preparing your dairy farm for the future from an environmental perspective — Careful farmstead planning is critical for continued business sustainability
By Karl Czymmek

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring qualified individuals in an expanding dairy — As farms grow, the need to manage non-family labor increases
By Dr. Paula Ospina and Thomas R. Maloney

Managing people in an expanding dairy — Understanding and meeting employee expectations creates a strong business foundation
By Dr. Paula Ospina and Thomas R. Maloney

Expansion through steps at Fouts Dairy — Paul and Laura Fouts doubled their herd size over eight years by following a vision laid out over a decade ago.
By Kathy Barrett

Conversion to an organic, pasture system — When milk price didn’t cover cost of production, Vaughn and Susan Sherman in 1997 converted to pasture-based management, that has helped the farm thrive today.
By Kathy Barrett and Fay Benson

Step-wise conversion to a large CAFO — The Murray family is completing a step-wise expansion that will take Murcrest Dairy from a medium to large CAFO.
By Julie Berry

Thinking about the future: is compliance a barrier to growth? — Model created by Farm Credit East and Cornell PRO-DAIRY demonstrates the financial impact of meeting environmental regulations
By Karl Czymmek, Michael Haycook, and Chris Laughton