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The Manager - Environmental Hot Topics

August 2011

What’s your dairy’s environmental IQ? — This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY brings you the latest info on a range of hot-topic environmental issues. How does your dairy stack up?
By Eleanor Jacobs

Are TMDLs in your future? — Why care about nutrient Total Maximum Daily Loads in the Chesapeake Bay if you don’t farm in its watershed? A TMDL may be coming to a watershed near you. Be prepared.
By Karl Czymmek

Is dairy a carbon Bigfoot? — A dairy’s greenhouse gas emissions from burbs, farts, manure storage and tractors are the biggest part of milk’s carbon footprint
By Lee Telega

Dairy air emissions update — Recent exemptions and study results will drive dairies’ reporting of regulated air emissions
By Curt Gooch and Karl Czymmek

Don’t cry over spilled manure; fix the problem — Manure storages can get too full and run over. Your job is to determine why and to prevent future overflows.
By Pete Wright

Winter spreading, a manure management option — There are manure spreading practices you can use to apply manure in winter, where allowed, and limit the risk of runoff
By Karl Czymmek and Harold van Es

Vermont’s Cow Power is a success — What Vermont has done to develop successful anaerobic digestion systems on the state’s dairies can work in other states
By David Dunn

Small farm anaerobic digestion: What’s holding it back? — To understand why anaerobic digestion on small U.S. dairy farms is uncommon, it helps to look at Europe’s adoption of the technology
By Tim Shelford