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The Manager - Cow Comfort

August 2013

Cow Comfort Impacts Health and Productivity - This month's The Manager highlights research on the impact of cow comfort on cow health and productivity and profiles on-farm efforts.
By: Julie Berry

Cool Cows at North Harbor Dairy - A focus on cow comfort at each life stage results in high production.
By: Julie Berry

Cow Comfort Economics 101 - Management and cow behavior responses impact productivity and health.
By: Rick Grant

Cow Comfort in Tie Stall Barns - Consider stall design, surface, bedding, feed manger, water system, ventilation and lighting.
By: Dave Balbian

My Farm Needs to Grow! But Where to Start? - Farm growth is a puzzle that requires a good plan and the right team.
By: Dean Weidman

Concrete Floors in Barns - Concrete remains the material of choice by farmers. Here are some ways to maximize it from a cow's perspective.
By: Curt A. Gooch

Light Spectrum and its Implications on Milk Production - Research is underway in NYS to evaluate performance of LED fixtures under barn conditions and the implications of light spectrum on milk production.
By: Jackson Wright and Tim Shelford August 2013 Novus C.O.W.S. Program: Overview and Results August 2013 Manure Solids in Deep Beds Boost Comfort

Measures to Mitigate Lameness at Table Rock - Cow comfort is a team approach at Table Rock Farm that included structural and animal health measures.
By: Julie Berry

Increase Air Exchange in Naturally Ventilated Barns - Increase sidewall, end wall and ridge openings, raise the roof and add fans to increase air exchange.
By: Dan F. McFarland

Novus C.O.W.S. Program: Overview and Results - The Northeast ranks highest in the country for lameness and hock injuries.
By: Lindsay Collings

Manure Solids in Deep Beds Boost Comfort - Deep bedded stalls and liberal use of manure solids for bedding increase lying time.
By: Julie Berry