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The Manager - Making Milk

April 2015

Increasing profitability through components and quality – This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY focuses on making milk.
By Julie Berry

Can you join the “7 lb club”? – Maximize milk fat and milk protein yields to maximize milk revenue.
By Dr. Thomas R. Overton and David R. Balbian

Focus on milk qualityA systematic review of the milking system and procedures improved quality at Twin Mill Farms.
By Julie Berry

Co-Vale Farms – Feeding accuracy to maximize nutritionOwner-operator Brad Cates focuses on pounds of components, not percentages.
By Kathy Barrett

Maintain equipment for quality milkMaintenance should be scheduled and routine.
By Julie Berry

Impact of components on milk priceComponents comprise 90% of net pay but price per cwt varies widely.
By Kathy Barrett and Jason Karszes

Shredlage – What’s newShredlage may increase the nutritive value of corn silage.
By Larry Chase