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Record Presentation to VOD

Directions to record a presentation using Kaltura. Recordings will be saved in Video On Demand (VOD) and stored in Rob Lynch's account for editing. This is the preferred method to record materials for the Dairy Management Online Courses.

  1. Power on computer
  2. Log into computer:
    1. Ctrl+Alt+Del
    2. Username: .\employee
    3. Password: Dairymgt1
  3. Open Kaltura, located on toolbar at bottom of screen.

  1. When the tool opens on the screen, you are ready to record.
  2. Open the material you plan to present/record (Ex. PowerPoint). 
  3. Pull the microphone close and test that Yeti Microphone is working. The Blue Microphone icon should show sound getting picked up.
  4. To start recording, select the red record button.
Kaltura Record Button
  1. If using a PowerPoint, select the file and put into presentation mode.
  2. If during your session, you want to re-record a section, you do not need to stop the recording. Let the recording continue, clap your hands loudly in front of the microphone and say into the microphone what you intend to re-record, proceed with your recording. This will help us find the sections in need of editing later.
  3. To end your recording:
    1. Select the blue Kaltura icon located in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Select gray stop button.
    3. Select “Yes, Stop it” on pop up window.
    4. You will be taken to a Kaltura Capture screen, you can edit the title of your recording here.
    5. Select “Save & Upload”
Kaltura "Save & Upload" Button
  1. Recording will be saved and uploaded to VOD automatically.
  2. Power off computer.
  3. Contact Rob Lynch ( or Kathy Barrett ( to let us know the recording is finished.