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Annual Report

The PRO-DAIRY Annual Report reviews the many highly successful — and results-driven — PRO-DAIRY programs.

New York, and the next 30 years promises to bring even more change. All along the way, PRO-DAIRY has been there to develop the management skills of our farm owners and managers, help dairy farm businesses hone in on opportunities to improve their profitability and family livelihoods, provide technical expertise on many aspects of environmental stewardship, forage and crop production, cow health and management, facilities and dairy systems engineering, and help to attract our young people to opportunities to continue their education and find professional opportunities in the dairy industry. As described throughout the rest of this report, these are actualized through educational programs in both large and small group settings, applied research when needed either independently or in collaboration with faculty in Cornell CALS and beyond, and longstanding relationships with our dairy farms and allied industry professionals. Just as the New York dairy industry has evolved, so has PRO-DAIRY. From its initial focus on management education and curriculum development to the recruitment and deployment of statewide specialists with excellent technical expertise in key areas, the PRO-DAIRY team is committed to anticipating how the New York dairy industry will need to evolve to remain competitive in the global dairy economy and to helping our dairy farms and allied industry professionals achieve excellence.